About Benito Del Ray

Benito Del Ray is the artistic alter ego of Brian Rayner, a tech entrepreneur, digital artist, and US Marine combat veteran.

Born from a place of trauma and healing, Benito Del Ray reflects Brian’s spiritual journey and his mission to inspire others through art. 

Having served during Operation Restore Hope in Somalia, Brian experienced intense combat operations that left deep emotional scars. Diagnosed with PTSD, he turned to art as a therapeutic remedy, drawing on his lifelong passion for painting and drawing. His unique creative expressions, ranging from sketches and paintings to digital artwork, became a vital part of his healing process.

With decades of experience in graphic design and AI technology, Brian collaborates with a team of like-minded creatives to bring his visionary art to life. Each piece is infused with a blend of surreal, spiritual, and abstract elements, inviting viewers to explore the deeper meanings and emotions behind the artwork.

As a born-again Christian, Brian’s open-door policy welcomes everyone seeking God, regardless of their religious beliefs. His art reflects this inclusive approach, aiming to provide comfort, inspiration, and a sense of community to all who encounter it.

Join us on this ongoing journey of creativity and faith. Experience the unique designs of Benito Del Ray and bring a piece of this transformative art into your life. We invite you to weave our creations into the fabric of your story and explore the outer limits of imagination with us.

Brian (Benito) also loves helping out fellow entrepreneurs and solopreneurs with free advice.

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Montreux, Switzerland

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