I’m Benito Del Ray, a surrealist and abstract digital graphical artist, fused with technology, creating surrealistic and psychedelic fantasy, horror and sci fi artwork

My creations are the result of my trauma….

As a much younger man, I served during combat operations, when I was a part of the United States Military.

I was involved in intense combat operations overseas. 

The experience almost killed me.

It was a very violent and dangerous place, but I survived.

There were deep emotional scars left over from this experience.

I was later diagnosed with PTSD by a team of medical and psychiatric professionals with the Veterans Administration.

Having been an artist, who was drawing and painting since early childhood; I found that my unique creative expressions was one of the best ways for me to cope with my condition. 

This was in the form of my sketches, drawings, paintings, sculptures, mixed media projects, photography, and digital artwork.

This is something which I have embraced over the many years, and sometimes the thing that kept me going, along with the love from my family and friends.

I’m on an ongoing journey of developing my creative designs, in order to create inspirational, meaningful surreal and abstract experiences. 

You can be a part of this experience, by owning my one-of-a-kind fantastic designs, and welcoming our unique creations into your life.

My team and I explore The Outer Limits of The Twilight Zone.

We invite you to weave our creations into the fabric of your life! 

God Bless….🙏🙏🙏


-Benito Del Ray

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